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We just received the nicest letter!



A long-time client just moved to Arizona.  Before leaving, he took the time to write and thank all the people who handled his insurance at Ora Andrews Insurance – our Cushman Insurance Group affiliated agency in Norton and South Attleboro.  Here’s a little of what he said:


 “Hi Folks,

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful service you have provided me, my family and company over these many years.  You have always been pleasant to work with and go out of your way to make my job easier. I do and will in the future recommend you to anyone I know.”

–David A.


We were touched by his letter (Thanks, David!) and his words made us stop and think about why clients work with independent insurance agents (like us) when there are so many options available, and why so many clients stay with us for generations!  Here’s what we think:


  • When you select insurance, you are making critical financial decisions about protecting all the things you care about most…your family, your business, your home and auto, and your future.  For decisions like that, most people wisely seek professional guidance.
  • Insurance is very complex.  That’s why agents are trained, licensed, and insured – as all professionals are.  If you ask yourself what you know about insurance, unless you’re an agent yourself, you’ll probably answer “not much”. That’s not a solid foundation for any financial decision that can have such an enormous impact on your life should  you have an insurance loss and have the wrong or inadequate coverage.
  • Price is important.  We all know and agree with that.  But what’s more important is “value”. That means the right protection for your particular needs at the most competitive price. A “name your own price” insurance product isn’t going to do you much good when you have a loss and you discover the price you named doesn’t include the protection you need!
  •  One more thing about price: If you have been following us on facebook, you’ve seen our status updates about the savings we secure for our clients – often with the same or better coverage at a lower cost.  That’s because we know our clients, we know the multiple insurance companies we represent, and we’re continually focused on providing the best value for our clients’ insurance dollars. And what’s more…we do all that work for them!
  • Finally, here’s something you hopefully could read between the lines of David’s letter — we care about our clients and it shows.  It’s about personal relationships and professional pride.  It’s part of what makes our jobs worthwhile. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


So here’s our thanks…to all of the wonderful clients – personal and business — who choose us and stay with us for the peace of mind they have form excellent coverage at great rates…and that we’ll be right there beside them to help if they have a loss. 

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