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Commercial Vehicle Insurance


In 2009 (the most recent Census Bureau statistics) there were 5.5 million car accidents in the U.S. and more than 2 million people were injured; 31,000 people died.


With statistics like these, it’s easy to understand the cliché phrase “Accidents happen.”  It’s also easy to understand why your business can’t afford to go without commercial vehicle insurance.  Whether it’s the car you drive to conduct your business (even if you also drive it for personal use), or a fleet of trucks—from pickup trucks to tractor-trailers—this is a key insurance for every business.


Typical Coverage will include:

Bodily Injury Liability

Damage to Someone Else’s Property

Medical Payments

Personal Injury Protection


Other coverages that may be arranged:

Comprehensive (Fire, Theft, Vandalism, Glass)


Uninsured Motorist Liability

Underinsured Motorist Liability

Hired Auto Liability Coverage

Hired Auto Physical Damage

Employer’s Non-ownership Liability


There is a range of factors that will influence your premiums.  You need an experienced commercial insurance professional to assemble the right protection at the most competitive price.  Factors include:

Your industry and how the vehicles are used.

The number of vehicles (Fleets are eligible for discounts or special rates; the number of vehicles that constitute a fleet is normally five.)

The safety records of your drivers.  (Make sure that you do a DMV screening for every employee who will drive a company vehicle before you hire.)

The type of vehicle (e.g. private passenger or dump truck)

The gross weight of the vehicle

The radius of operation (How far they travel one way from base)


Every commercial operation is different.  So every commercial auto policy is different, too! Make sure that you and your business are protected.  Talk with the local commercial insurance professionals at any Cushman Insurance Group office in Brockton, Halifax, Lakeville, Norton, South Attleboro, or South Boston, MA.



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