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Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Adequate and appropriate business liability coverage can make all the difference in the survival of your company if you’re faced with a lawsuit. That’s why you need general liability insurance to protect your company and employees against claims arising from a broad range of incidents, including:

  • Bodily injury

  • Property damage  at your place of business as well as damage resulting from your employees at client sites

  • Liabilities related to product and contracts

  • Medical payments for bodily injury and legal defense costs all fall under the coverage of a general liability insurance policy as well

Keep in mind that not all business liabilities are covered by Commercial General Liability insurance. Professional Liability Insurance (also called Errors and Omissions, or simply E&O coverage) is a separate type of insurance needed to protect your business against loss from a claim of alleged negligent acts, errors or omissions in the performance of your professional services.

And while every business faces risks, some businesses face more significant risks than others.  In every case, working with experienced commercial insurance professionals is your first important step. At Cushman Insurance Group, our policy is to know your business. That means we make sure we understand your risks, can assemble the right package to protect you and your business, help you avoid paying premiums for coverage you don’t need and make sure you have protection for those you do!


Contact us for more information on how we can protect your business and future.

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