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Landlord Property Insurance

Landlord Property Insurance

As a landlord you know that you need to protect your investment property. Your tenants should insure their belongings. You insure your building and any associated structures.


But you also have other unique insurance needs as the person who owns property but does not reside there, because as a landlord, liability is also a major issue for you. If your tenant is hurt on your rental property, you need to be sure that if you are sued, you have the insurance you need to protect you and your investment.


You also need to protect your income stream (your rental income.) If the structure is so damaged that it is impossible for the renter to occupy your property, you need to be able to cover that rental income in order to meet your obligations, including the mortgage on the property, if any.



Landlord Property Insurance can provide the following:


• Coverage for the physical structure

• Coverage for other structures on the property, including any storage sheds, garage buildings or other upgrades

• Liability coverage should someone be injured

• Medical payments coverage (i.e. covering any medical expenses related to injuries sustained on your property, either by people working for you or by tenants)


Contact a local Cushman Insurance Group agent for more information and a no-obligation estimate on the right policy protection for you and your investment property. Cushman Insurance (Brockton, Lakeville, Halifax), Ora A. Andrews Insurance (Norton, S. Attleboro), and T. Robert Sullivan Insurance are the affiliated agencies comprising the Cushman Insurance Group.

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