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Commercial Insurance

Full Line Commercial Insurance

Since opening our doors in 1922, we’ve gained a world of experience about protecting local businesses from losses. And we never stop learning, because staying on top of the latest developments enables us to consistently deliver the right coverages and the best value for your premium dollars.


But the biggest key to our success isn’t knowing our business—it’s understanding yours. That means when you count on Cushman Insurance Group, you won’t get an agent who’s just out to sell you some coverage. You’ll get an experienced businessperson who will:

 • Take the time to truly understand your business 

 • Draw on that understanding to provide meaningful, valuable advice

 • Propose insurance solutions that mesh with your overall business strategy


Depending on your company’s needs, your policy might include some or all of the following products:

For more information on how the Cushman Insurance Group can help you protect your business with a comprehensive commercial insurance plan, call our main office at 1-508-586-5310 or email Ted Hughes, Director of Sales and Business Development.

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