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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Business property insurance covers your buildings, business property and inventory against physical loss or damage. Business property insurance should be an important part of your protection package.


There are two types of business property insurance policies available:


A named-perils policy that covers only losses resulting from particular events specifically named in the policy. A special policy that covers all events except those specifically excluded in the policy. As you would expect, this coverage usually has higher premiums.

Insurance needs vary by industry and so it is not surprising that there are many variations among the coverages available within these policies. But in general, business property insurance can protect:

  •  Your building

  •  Your outdoor signage

  •  Your equipment

  •  Your furniture

  •  Inventory (yours and any you may store for clients)

  •  Your fencing and landscaping

At Cushman Insurance Group, Our Policy Is To Know Your Business. And that means we make it a point to understand your business, your risks, and then to make sure that your insurance provides you with the protection that’s right for your business and your situation. When a standard policy doesn’t provide all the protection you need, we’ll recommend additional protection to assure that if you have a loss, the impact on your business is as minimal as possible.

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