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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability is designed to provide liability protection for professional advice—and service-providing individuals and companies. Coverage focuses on protection against alleged failure to perform, financial losses caused by you, and errors or omissions in the service or product you deliver. And it’s important to understand that general liability insurance policies do not cover these types of professional liability.

• Professions that commonly purchase professional liability insurance include (but certainly are not limited to):

• Medical professionals (e.g. malpractice insurance for physicians, surgeons, dentists)

• Attorneys

• Construction industry (e.g. engineers, architects, general contractors)

• Accounting and financial services professionals including insurance agents and brokers

• Real estate brokers

• Information technology service providers (e.g. software developers, website developers, data security consultants)

• Management consultants

We all know that even if a claim is totally baseless, the costs of mounting a legal defense can bankrupt your company. Don’t put yourself and your future at risk. Talk to the local, experienced insurance professionals at any Cushman Insurance Group agency about Professional Liability Insurance.

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