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Renters Insurance

Worry Less When Your Rental Home Is Protected By Cushman Insurance Group

All over Southeastern Massachusetts, homes for rent come in all different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of a diverse community of renters.

In towns like Norton and Mansfield, you can find single family houses with big yards for the kids. Or, head over to a city like Attleboro and you’ll find lots of multi-family residences with easy access to bus lines and commuter rails. For those who want a fitness center, swimming pool, and other amenities, there are large apartment complexes, like the Avalon in Easton. Or, if a converted industrial park is more to your taste, then the Ames Shovel Works development in Brockton, with its modern, yet historic feel, is probably a perfect fit for you.


With the variety of rentals available in the area, we are confident that you will find a home that is just right for you and your lifestyle. The bigger challenge is to secure the proper renters insurance for your new place, which is why we’re glad that you came to the Cushman Insurance Group for some guidance. 


Whether you’ve just started the hunt for the ideal rental, or you signed a lease and are planning to move in soon, or even if you’ve already settled into your place but have put off securing insurance, today is a great day to start the conversation with our local, experienced insurance professionals. We will help craft the renters insurance coverage that’s right for your unique space and budget.


When you partner with Cushman, our team will take the time to get to know you before we recommend any coverage or send you a quote. By asking several important, but straightforward questions, we can determine the best protection for your home and the personal belongings in it. The details we will want to understand about your home include:

You may be wondering why we ask, “Do you own a car” for a renters insurance policy quote? But this, and several other questions we ask, actually alert us to discounts that you might be eligible for. As an example, by bundling your car insurance and your renters insurance with the same carrier you could pay as little as $4 a week for your renters policy. That’s less than a coffee and muffin from Mary Lou’s!


The final, and critical, part of our get-to-know-you process, is figuring out the value of the personal property you own. Understanding what you own, and how much it’s worth, is essential information that will help us determine the proper amount of renters insurance coverage you need to protect items such as your:

  • Smart TV

  • Laptop

  • Xbox

  • Mountain/Street Bike

  • Golf Clubs

  • Hockey Equipment

  • Furniture

  • Jewelry

  • Designer shoes, handbags, and clothing

  • Collectibles and Art

In case any of these items, or similar belongings, are stolen, lost or damaged in a covered event, we will make sure that the Personal Property Coverage in your renters policy provides the coverage you need to replace or repair them up to a certain dollar amount. Also, depending on the list of valuables you share with us, our team may recommend you consider an endorsement called a Jewelry and Fine Arts Rider which will protect your most important items – like a diamond engagement ring – up to the appraised value. However, just because this endorsement protects your priciest possessions, does not mean that it’s expensive. Although it does provide something very valuable, peace of mind.


Whether you came to Cushman today because your landlord is requiring you to purchase renters insurance before you sign your lease, or you’re renting now and wanted to know more about why you even need this coverage, or you’re simply shopping around for a better policy and premium, we hope that you have a better understanding of why investing in renters insurance is a wise move. Especially if you want to protect everything you’ve worked so hard for, from your Jordan’s Furniture leather sectional to your signed #12 jersey.


If you are ready to partner with a local insurance agent, so you can worry less and live more, then please contact Cushman Insurance Group today at 508-586-5310 . A member of our team will gladly take the time to get to know you, help you clarify your renters insurance needs, and determine the best coverage for you, all at a rate you can afford.

  • How many rooms does your rental unit have?

  • What year was it built?

  • How many floors are there in the entire rental building? What floor are you on?

  • Do you have a fireplace?

  • Is there an in-unit washer or dryer?

  • Is there a swimming pool on the property?

  • What type of alarms are in your home, such as smoke, fire, or security?

  • Is there a deadbolt on your front door?

  • Do you have a doorman?

  • What type of heat do you have, such as gas, electric, or oil?

  • Is there a super or a building manager on premise?

  • Do you own a car?

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