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Umbrella Insurance

Worry Less When You Get Extra Protection From Cushman Insurance Group

At Cushman Insurance Group, we always look out for our clients’ best interests — which is why we recommend getting a personal umbrella insurance policy. A personal umbrella policy is an affordable way (policies cost as little as a couple hundred dollars a year for your first million in coverage) to protect you and your immediate family against additional expenses you incur due to legal fees, medical bills, settlements and more. This type of liability coverage fills in the gap that is left when you have hit the policy limits of your auto or home insurance. Umbrella insurance acts like a safety net and can be the difference between you losing or keeping your home, your car and much of your future earnings.  

How Cushman evaluates your personal umbrella insurance coverage needs

Umbrella policy coverage options range from $1 million to $5 million, so it’s beneficial to work with a knowledgeable professional like Cushman Insurance to help you determine what level of coverage is right for you, your level of risk, and your budget. To evaluate your coverage needs, we will start by asking you a series of questions that will give us insight into your lifestyle and the risks that may come with it, including:

  • What does your commute to work look like?

  • Do you have teen drivers or kids involved in sports?

  • Do you own a dog?

  • Do you have a trampoline, swimming pool, or hot tub at your home?

  • Do you like to host large parties?

  • Are you a well-known public figure?

  • Do you own a motorcycle, boat, or other recreational vehicles?

  • Have you accumulated lots of assets?

  • Do you own rental property?

  • Does anyone other than you drive your car, such as a grandparent or nanny?

Once we know the answers to these questions and a few others, we will be better prepared to determine how much coverage is right for you to complement your auto insurance or homeowners insurance policies. However, it’s not only drivers and homeowners who could use this extra level of protection. A personal umbrella policy is just as valuable for renters or small business owners to consider as well.


If you rent an apartment, you are responsible for what goes on inside your unit or, if you lease a home, you are actually accountable for what happens anywhere on the property. Here’s one more example to illustrate the power of an umbrella policy. Let’s say you rent a bouncy house for your four-year-old’s birthday party, which you are hosting in the backyard of the home you rent. All the kids are having a blast jumping around inside when your neighbor’s child gets jumped on by mistake and breaks his leg. The onus is likely on you to cover the cost of medical attention and other injury-related expenses.


Just like your auto and home policies, your renters insurance policy (which we sure hope you already have in place) will only cover you up to the limits of your bodily injury protection. This is where having a personal umbrella policy would once again benefit you. This valuable policy will kick in and safeguard your assets if your neighbor decides to sue you for their child’s medical expenses.


When you work with a local insurance agent like Cushman, you get a partner who will talk you through worst-case scenarios, like the ones mentioned above, that can happen to you as a driver, homeowner, or renter. We will also help you prepare you for these unexpected events and make sure that you have the proper liability coverage in place, including personal umbrella insurance, to protect your family and your assets.

If you are ready to partner with a local insurance agent, so you can worry less and live more, then please contact us today at 508-586-5310. A member of our team will gladly take the time to get to know you and better understand your insurance needs.

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