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File A Claim

With Cushman Insurance Group by your side, you can worry less about the claims process

If you’ve come to our website for help filing a claim with your insurer, we want to start by saying that the entire Cushman team hopes that you and your family or you and your employees are all safe and unharmed by whatever loss you’ve experienced.


Please know that we will be happy to answer any questions you have, review your policy coverage with you and contact the insurance company on your behalf. However, you may prefer to directly contact your insurance carrier first, especially if it is after normal business hours, by using the information provided below. All of our partners provide 24/7 access to customers service representatives who can expertly guide you through the claims process.


Regardless of whether your first call is to your Cushman professional or to your insurance provider, our team will be here to ensure that the claims process goes smoothly and that it is handled efficiently, so that you can get back to your life or your business as quickly as possible.

Claims Contacts

Our Insurance Companies:

Arbella                                 800-972-5348                    Arbella Claims >

Bunker Hill                         617-956-1777                        Bunker Hill Claims >

Foremost                            800-527-3907                    Foremost Claims >

Grundy                                800-338-4005                   Grundy Claims >

Hanover                              800-628-0250                   Hanover Claims >

Harleysville                         800-892-8877                    Harleysville Claims >

Main Street America        877-425-2467                     Main Street America Claims >

Mass Property                    800-851-8978                    Mass Property Claims >

Narraganset Bay                800-343-3375                   Narraganset Bay Claims >

National Flood                   800-638-6620

New London County        877-465-2252                    New London County Claims >

Plymouth Rock                  888-324-1620                    Plymouth Rock Claims >

Quincy Mutual                  800-899-1116                      Quincy Mutual Claims >

Safety                                  800-951-2100                    Safety Claims >

Safeco Insurance               800-332-3226                   Safeco Claims >

Preferred Mutual               800.333.7642                     Preferred Claims >



• Auto Claims                    800-442-4820                  Travelers Auto Claims >

• Property Claims             800-245-0063                  Travelers Property Claims >

• Flood Claims                   800-505-0193

• Boat Claims                    800-772-4482

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