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How to Winterize Your Home from the Inside Out

Even though we have seen record high temperatures here in Southeastern Massachusetts, it’s important to remember that winter is right around the corner. Here in New England, we know that the upcoming season will likely bring snow, ice, and a unique host of challenges for homeowners. Are you prepared?

At Cushman Insurance, we’re here to help keep you and your family safe and comfortable during the colder months. Getting your home ready for the winter is not a marathon, but it takes some preparation. Here are some steps you can take to winterize the interior and exterior of your home.

Ways to Winterize the Inside of Your Home

Winterizing the interior of your home protects your property and helps to keep the elements outside — which will reduce heating bills in the long run. Here are a few tasks you should consider:

Look for Air Leaks: installing winter-weather strips and draft stoppers are easy to install and easy to remove when the weather gets warmer. Winterizing against drafts will help keep your home warm all winter long and will help lower heating bills.

Winterize Your Pipes: keeping your home’s pipes warm and insulated is key to avoiding a frozen or burst pipe. Treating any water leaks and covering any exposed pipes with insulation sleeves is a must during the colder months.

Replace Your Furnace Filters: once the cold weather hits, you’ll want your furnace to perform its best! Take the time to change your furnace filters throughout the winter to ensure it’s running properly.

Install Storm Doors and Windows: adding an extra layer of insulation, especially to older homes, will protect against window drafts or leaks.

Test Your Detectors: home fires are most common in the winter months, be sure to test and change the batteries of your smoke and CO2 alarms.

Ways to Winterize the Outside of Your Home

To help keep the exterior of your house protected, we’ve put together a list of tasks you as a homeowner should complete to help battle the winter cold, snow and ice.

Clean Your Gutters: remove leaves and debris from your roof, gutters, and around your home to prevent water and ice build-up and mold growth. It is also important to check for other signs of wear to the exterior of your home.

Prep Your Snow Removal Tools: have your snow shovels and sidewalk salt ready for winter. By keeping your driveway clear from snow and ice, you will keep your family and neighbors safe.

Winterize Your Outdoor Faucets: you won’t be watering your garden during the winter months, so make sure that all outdoor faucets are shut off. After turning the faucets off, open the faucet outside to let out any remaining water so that the pipes won’t freeze.

Trim Your Trees: snow and ice from winter storms can weigh down trees and branches. Before the first frost, head outside and remove any dead branches on your property to avoid them from falling after a storm on your home or vehicle.

Personal Insurance Review: call your Cushman Insurance agent to have an annual review of your homeowners' insurance policy to make sure you have all the coverage you need.

Reducing your insurance risks, staying warm, and saving money are all essential to having a safe and happy holiday season. Cushman Insurance wants you to live more and worry less during the colder months, and by taking these extra home winterization steps, you can have peace of mind and comfort while you watch the snowflakes fall from your warm and cozy home.

Contact us for more information or to review your home insurance policy.

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