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Insuring Your Recreational Vehicles

Summer is the perfect time to dust off your boats, RVs, and ATVs and head out on your next adventure with family and friends. We live for weekends on the boat at Lake Winnipesaukee, or drives up to Mount Washington in the RV. But with adventure comes risk — make sure your outdoor vehicles are covered properly in case of an unexpected accident.

Boat & Personal Watercraft Insurance

Summer in New England means getting out on the water as much as we can before it starts getting cold again! Boat & Personal Watercraft coverage protects you and your boat, jet ski, or other personal watercraft (PWC) against liability and damage if you have an accident. The specific policy coverage that’s right for you depends on the type of boat or PWC you have and how you use it.

What is covered under Boat & Personal Watercraft Insurance?

Most policies provide protection for:

  • Liability coverage for bodily injury or damage to the property of others.

  • Damage to the hull, your sails, motor and machinery, and the furnishings on your boat in the event of a collision, sinking, or vandalism.

  • Damage to your boat trailer from some external cause.

  • Depending on your policy, you may also be covered for fuel spills and wreckage removal.

Optional coverages are available as well. For example:

  • Replacement cost protection.

  • Towing and assistance coverage to transport your boat to a repair facility when it’s inoperable or if you’re stranded.

  • Emergency services such as gas delivery and roadside assistance are also available.

RV Insurance

The biggest mistake some RV owners make is to insure their motor home with an automobile insurance policy. Then, if a claim arises, they discover that their insurance doesn’t provide the unique coverage their RV requires. At Cushman Insurance Group, we understand all of the differences and can prepare the right policy for your RV and your RV lifestyle.

Aside from the standard protection you would have for an automobile, RV insurance covers a range of risks specific to motor homes. There are also additional coverage options that may make sense for your situation, for example:

  • Personal belongs protection (e.g. furniture, appliances and personal possessions within your RV). Keep in mind that most homeowner policies have limits on off-premises coverage so a loss would likely not be covered by your homeowner policy.

  • Coverage for attached accessories like awnings, external air conditioners, satellite dishes, and antennas.

  • Campsite/Vacation liability coverage — protecting you when you are parked and using your motor home as a residence.

  • Do you use your RV year-round or do you store your motor home for a portion of the year? (You can suspend portions of your coverage during those times of year and save premium dollars.)

There are numerous factors that affect the cost of your insurance protection. The agents of the Cushman Insurance Group can recommend the best package at a very competitive price. They’ll review your RV history, your current situation — including other insurance policies you carry or associations you belong to in order to determine if discounts are available. Then, with insurance protection through Cushman, you can hit the road confident that you have your local, experienced insurance professional just a phone call away.

ATV Insurance

Taking your ATV along on your camping adventures is also something us New Englanders enjoy during the summer. One common misconception is if someone steals your ATV, it will be covered by your homeowner insurance. But that only applies when the ATV is on your property, not when you’re on vacation — so we highly recommend ATV Insurance. Give us a call and we’ll make sure to take advantage of any available discounts based on safety courses taken and/or multiple vehicles insured.

We hope these tips help you and your family further understand insuring your recreational vehicles. Speak with a dedicated Cushman Insurance Group agent to learn more about how you can protect your RV, ATV or personal watercraft. For more information on Summer Toys and proper insurance policies, give us a call (508-586-5310) or visit our website:



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