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Avoiding Common Winter Insurance Claims

In the winter months, your home can create annoying challenges that can end up costing you. Navigating those winter-related insurance claims becomes a hassle that can be avoided. There are some claims that are easy enough to prevent to save you time and money in the long run. 

Cushman is here to help you deal with these issues if they do arise, but we’re also here to help you stop them from happening in the first place. Here are some steps to take in preventing ice dams, slips and falls, and space heater fires. 

Ways To Prevent Winter Incidents 

Ice Dams: Ice dams occur when temperature starts to get below freezing and there’s significant snowfall. The cycle of snow melting and freezing can cause damage on your roof and in the gutters. There’s no guarantee that you’ll stop an ice dam from forming but you can try: 

  • Cleaning debris like leaves and sticks that gather in and around rain gutters and downspouts. This allows the melting snow to better fall through the gutters properly.

  • Clear snow and icicles from gutters and downspouts.

  • Use roof rakes to remove heavy snow that has gathered on your rooftop.

  • If you have an attic, monitor the insulation and ventilation. The insulation prevents heat loss from your home below the attic, and the ventilation ensures that the attic stays cold enough to prevent that melting and freezing cycle that can cause the dams to form.

Slips and Falls: Slick icy roads and sidewalks can injure people of any age during winter. Taking extra precautions in these conditions can be helpful in avoiding a severe fall.

  • Focus on your footwear. Find shoes or boots with rubbery, slip-resistant soles.

  • Use handrails when available to stabilize yourself.

  • Walk slowly, flat-footed and bend forward slightly to keep your center of gravity.

  • Dress in thick, padded layers in the event that you do fall.

Space Heater Fires: Space heaters are a great option for extra warmth, but they can be a significant fire hazard if you’re not careful. These things can help reduce the risks of your space heaters:

  • Make sure to plug it into an outlet rather than an extension/power cord and avoid putting the cord under carpet.

  • When purchasing, look for options that are automatic shutoff.

  • Keep the space heater a few feet away from any furniture or items that could burn.

  • Don’t use/store flammable liquid near it and avoid getting near it after you shower.

By being proactive and taking these precautions, you’ll not only save time and money but you’ll also be keeping you and your family safe this winter. A little preparation goes a long way in stopping these potential hazards from happening. Now you can enjoy the season knowing that you’re well-equipped to handle whatever winter throws your way. 



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