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Oil Spill Clean-up Coverage: FAQs

Imagine this: after saving for years, you and your partner just purchased your forever home and are starting a family. One day you are in the basement tackling your laundry and look over and notice the concrete floor is covered in oil. To escape the fumes, you leave the home and call 911 to alert them that your oil tank is leaking.

The small hole you discovered at the bottom of the tank had just unleashed more than 25 gallons of heating oil. To your surprise, you are now responsible for close to $200,000 in damages. Along with cleaning up your house, you must also have a contractor dig 10 feet under your home to test the soil and have any contamination removed.

This is unfortunately the reality a young couple in Wareham is currently facing.

At Cushman Insurance, we are here to help you live more and worry less and are answering your most frequently asked questions around oil spill clean up coverage.

Does my standard homeowners insurance cover an oil spill?

Because not every home is heated by oil, home insurance policies typically exclude coverage for fuel contamination to personal property, groundwater, and a neighbor’s property.

How can I be protected in the event of an oil spill?

If you have a heating oil tank in your home, we recommend you consider purchasing an “Escaped Liquid Fuel Endorsement” also known as Oil Remediation coverage for your policy.

Are only old oil tanks at risk of leaking?

Whether you purchased your oil tank this year or have one that is 10+ years old, there is still a possibility of an oil spill.

How much is the Escaped Liquid Fuel Endorsement?

Compared to the clean-up and liability costs, this available rider is fairly inexpensive, ranging between $50-$100 on average depending on the coverage you purchase.

Have more questions? Our local experts are here to help you understand your current homeowners insurance and will provide recommendations to be sure you have the proper coverage for you and your family.



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