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The Benefits of Bundling Your Personal Insurance

Life can get overwhelming, especially when it comes to managing your assets and your loved ones. Maximize your protection and your savings by opting to bundle your personal insurance. Let’s explore the benefits of bundling and how it can bring you peace of mind. 

It saves time and money

Bundling makes organizing your policies easier and saves time. If you have multiple policies with different providers, it gets difficult to manage cost, coverage details and more. Bundling with one company keeps all the information for you conveniently in one place. 

Most providers offer discounts when you bundle and help save you money on premiums. Bundling can save buyers anywhere from 5-25%. The more policies you buy, often the bigger the discount. 

Making claims becomes easier

Convenience is key, especially in more dire scenarios where you have to report damage. You’ll want to do this as quickly and simply as possible, and when you bundle with one provider, there’s no question about which policy should cover what. Whereas having separate providers makes the claims process complicated when trying to determine which insurance to utilize.

Umbrella insurance eligibility is better

Umbrella insurance helps bridge those gaps of gray areas within your policy. Even when you bundle, there are some instances you may not be covered, which is where umbrella insurance comes in. If you’re looking for that added protection, it might be a good idea to bundle and ask if your provider offers umbrella insurance as well. 

In a world where time is precious and financial security is paramount, bundling your personal insurance emerges as a clear solution. If you are ready to partner with a local insurance agent, then please contact Cushman Insurance Group. A member of our team will gladly take the time to get to know you and your specific insurance needs while deciding the best coverage at an affordable rate. Call Cushman today at 508-586-5310. 


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