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I’m “just” a party planner. Do I need E&O insurance?


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It seems that a significant percentage of people think that only doctors, lawyers, and accountants need Errors & Omissions insurance. If you really think about it, that would imply that only doctors, lawyers and accountants are human – and the rest of us don’t make mistakes.


But what about that party planner who reserves the venue, caterer, flowers, transportation, etc. for a wedding on November 15 – but the wedding is actually scheduled for November 8 (At least that’s the date on the 350 invitations that were mailed!). It’s a catastrophe for all involved. And a potential law suit for the planner.


So since we know we’re all human and that means we all make mistakes, here’ a brief overview of Errors and Omissions insurance and why you need to think about E&O insurance for your company.

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Bullying Behavior – It Harms Us All


bullying-prevention-monthOctober is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Unless you have kids in school, it’s probably not something you think about—until you see one of the heartbreaking stories in the news about a bullied child committing suicide. But we should all be concerned about misery and damage it causes, and the long-term effects it has on both the victims and the bullies.

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A Few Home Fire Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life


dryer_vent_house_fire12Do you remember learning about fire prevention when you were a kid in school? (We do.) Based on that, we all probably think that we’re fairly knowledgeable about the causes of fires and the steps we need to take to reduce its risk in our homes. Still, according to the National Fire Protection Association, ON AVERAGE SEVEN PEOPLE DIE IN U.S. HOME FIRES EVERY DAY.

So we thought a quick refresher might be valuable to update your thinking on your own home, your family, and to address any misconceptions you might have regarding home fires. (Our thanks to the NFPA and the Red Cross for this valuable information and guidance.)

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Just thinking—about some bad car insurance decisions we’ve seen.


mistakeWe’ve been in the insurance business since 1922. So you can imagine that over that period of time, we’ve pretty much seen it all. (We’re not trying to sound like the commercial currently running on TV, but it’s true.)


A question arose this morning in one of our offices about “selling” a car without transferring the title (by the way: you are still the owner until the title is transferred.) and the associated issues with cancelling the auto insurance policy. It made us think of other circumstances and decisions that impact your insurance and potential claims. So we thought we’d share a few. Read the rest of this entry »

Road Rage: We Say We’re Concerned—and STILL DO IT!


920x920In July of this year the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a new study on road rage in the U.S. The online survey included 2705 drivers; results showed that 78% reported having engaged in at least one aggressive driving behavior at least once in the past year. And while the most aggressive behaviors – getting out to confront another driver and/or bumping or ramming another vehicle – showed smaller percentages, those percentages still represent millions of drivers when projected to the entire population. (Equally as frightening: it’s likely that the percentages don’t adequately reflect the actual behavior given respondent hesitation to admit to it given how negatively road rage is viewed.)

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Procrastinators ALERT – Winter is closer than you think!


imagesThere’s something about seeing Labor Day pass that gets us thinking about winter. Now it’s not around the corner, but we’ve had snow storms as early as Halloween, so it’s certainly not too early to be taking steps (while the weather is still OK) to assure that your home is ready for winter. You certainly don’t want to be dealing with a roof leak or dead furnace in January! Here’s a checklist to help you work through your fall maintenance list:

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Massachusetts’ Earthquake Risk




The recent, devastating 6.2 earthquake in central Italy reminds us that these events can occur anywhere in the world – not just around the Pacific Rim. And while every year the vast majority of quakes around the globe are small and often in remote areas, in 2015 there were 14,588 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater and 19 of magnitude 7.0 or higher.



New England: at Moderate Risk

People throughout New England generally feel that they are not at risk for damaging earthquakes. For the most part the region certainly has been spared. Still, it’s important to understand that a damaging quake is not outside the realm of possibility. (In 1755 an earthquake estimated to be between 6.0 and 6.3 struck Cape Ann.) The US Geological Survey classifies the region as being at moderate risk. (You can check out their chart here.)

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Busses…Kids…Back to School!


school-bus-safetyDecades ago, you would be hard pressed to find a school system starting school before Labor Day—no matter how late Labor Day fell. How things have changed. With so many major winter storms extending the calendars into late June, many districts now elect to start in late August.


So it’s that time of year again. Remember that you may have to adjust your schedules to account for busses potentially slowing down your commute. (Take that deep breath if you find yourself behind one making numerous stops.) And of course pay extra attention to the roadside where kids may be waiting for their busses. Read the rest of this entry »

Just thinking…about Accidents and Road Debris



We were driving on Route 24 the other day and came up behind a car towing a small open trailer—piled high with vacation items including chairs, bicycles and a gas grill. It also included a propane tank hanging precariously out the back of the trailer. A small strap secured the neck of the tank, but that didn’t give us much confidence so we changed lanes and moved ahead of this accident waiting to happen.


You’ve probably seen it all, too. The mattress on the roof…held on by the driver and passengers holding onto the sides. The open trailer mounded with college kids’ completely unsecured “stuff” as they head back to school. Once we even saw a piano (no ropes or straps) on a boat trailer! What are people thinking?

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Do You Really Understand How Risky It Is To Drive Fatigued?


dsdrowsydriving_456pxEveryone knows the dangers of distracted driving. (Although we really wish everyone would take it very seriously.) We also all know the dangers of OUI, i.e. operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


But how many of us understand the dangers of driving while fatigued/drowsy. Here’s a major “wake-up call” for anyone who finds him/herself fighting to stay awake behind the wheel:

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