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Stay protected against identity theft while traveling

Travel is stressful enough without thinking about the possibility of identity theft, however it’s important to be aware of the risks. Here are some of the ways you may be exposing yourself to identity theft during travel.

  • Boarding passes: These documents contain your personal information on them and make you easier to identify by just scanning the barcode. Instead of tossing these in the trash, save them until you find somewhere where they can be shredded. If you can, it’s safest to use a mobile boarding pass to avoid a paper trail.

  • Hotel keys: Believe it or not, electronic hotel keys contain your personal information on them. Be sure not to lose or misplace them and return them to the front desk once your stay is over.

  • Passport: This one may seem obvious, but it’s best to keep your passport secured in the safe in your hotel room while you’re out and about to avoid losing it or someone stealing it.

  • Credit cards: It’s best to use only one of your credit cards when traveling. This reduces risk of fraud and the level of difficulty resolving any issues if fraud occurs. When you return from your travels, it’s important to review your statement to determine whether there are any fraudulent charges. If so, cancel or freeze your card and contact your bank immediately. Keep an eye out for small purchases that seem innocuous; thieves often test the waters with something small before making larger purchases.

  • Luggage: Avoid putting things that contain your personal information in your carry on luggage. Since it’s stowed away far from your seat where others can access it, it’s best to just leave that one for clothes/shoes.

It’s not fun to have to worry about identity theft while on vacation, but it would be much worse dealing with the repercussions of it happening to you. Taking precautions and being aware of these common cases while traveling will keep you and your family safe and protected.



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