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This is a photo of a family outside their house. The mother is sitting in the back of the car and the father is showing his son how to use a scooter.

No matter what wheels you choose,
we have auto insurance for your special ride.

Live More. Worry Less When You Partner With Cushman Insurance

Our commitment to supporting our clients, our neighbors and this community has been going strong for over 100 years. And, here at Cushman Insurance Group, we plan to continue to support the personal and commercial insurance needs of individuals, families and business owners throughout Southeastern Massachusetts for generations to come.     


If you choose to partner with Cushman for your home, auto, business or other insurance requirements, you will be hiring much more than a group of experienced, local agents. You will be building a relationship with a team of professionals that is serious about getting to know you on a personal level. By getting a true understanding of where you are in your life or with your business, we will be able to craft the optimal insurance solutions to meet your diverse needs. And that means you can spend far less time worrying about protecting what you have and much more time focused on enjoying life to the fullest. 


“Cushman has the best customer service of any Insurance Group I have ever had to deal with.  [They] answer calls quickly, get you the answers you need. You get the feeling that they care about every customer—something you do not receive from these big cold companies. My parents loved Cushman & since they passed the family continues to be loyal to Cushman as they are to their customers.”​

Deborah B.

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